Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Novazone Services Pvt. Ltd. help customers convert raw data into valuable insights and solve any BI-related challenges, such as analyzing raw data from multiple sources, implementing a self-service BI solution and exploiting big data opportunities. Our Business intelligence (BI). Implementing an effective strategy, methodologies, processes, architectures, and technologies, Maintaining and transforming raw data in dedicated formation.


  • BI Consulting
  • BI Development
  • Data Virtualization & Dashboarding
  • BI Testing
  • Business Intelligence Consulting


Novazone Services Pvt. Ltd. involoved big data services and now Industries are capturing data across the globe from traditional sources like customers, supply chain partners, collaborators etc., leading to a data deluge that is becoming quite overwhelming for them. The advent of "Internet of Things", rapid adoption of mobile devices, social media etc. has led to unprecedented generation of unstructured data. It has become imperative for most of the organizations to stay competitive and proactively engage with their customers through predictive business outcomes.