ERP Solutions

ERP Solutions

“Novazone Services Pvt. Ltd. systems designed to process an organisation transactions and facilitate integrated and real time planning, production and customer response.”

ERP Characteristics

  • ERPs are packaged software designed for a client server environment.
  • ERPs integrate the majority of a business processes
  • ERPs process a large majority of an organization’s transactions
  • ERPs use an enterprise wide database that typically stores each piece of data at once.


Novazone Service Pvt. Ltd. Initiative designed to help an organization (Financial, Healthcare and hospital) optimize interactions with customers for the purpose of acquiring or retaining customers. Novazone’s CRM is the strategic use of information, process, technology, and people to manage our customers relationship with our clients and company people to manage customers relationship with your company(marketing, sales, services and support). Across the whole (marketing, sales, services and support ) across the whole customer life cycle customer life cycle.

  • Business Dashboard
  • Inside Sales Console
  • Files Sync and Share
  • Sales Data Management
  • CRM Data / File Storage
  • Workflow and Approvals
  • Email Client Integration, e.g. Outlook and Gmail
  • Sales Performance Management
  • Partner Management
  • Web Analytics Integration e.g. Google Analytics